Teaching Resources


Lessons can be adapted to any course or community group activity and are flexible to different timelines to best suit the class or group.

Canada 150&Me - Lesson in Brief

It is the beginning of 2017, Canada’s sesquicentennial year!  Here is an easy and meaningful way to ring in this milestone year with your students and it only takes one class to complete!   Over the course of one period, this le… Read More


Unit Plan and Summative Assessment

Adapt the whole program into your regular classroom or group activity schedule.


Lesson 1: Introduction - What is Canada’s greatest challenge or opportunity facing your generation?

Introduce Canada’s 150th Anniversary to your class or group and engage youth in recognizing challenges and opportunities.


Lesson 2: Honour the Past - Field Trip and Activities

Engage in local and national history and culture and make connections to your own curriculum subject area.


Lesson 3: Engage with the Present – Leadership and Service

Respond to challenges or opportunities in your school or community using skills from your regular course or group activities.


Lesson 4: Imagine the Future - Inspirational Leaders and Youth Collaboration

Encourage discussion and action, then showcase youth responses to their challenges and opportunities.


Regional Youth Forum Unit Plan

Participate in our regional youth forums from your own community.


Blank Templates

Use these templates to adapt your lessons using the Canada 150&Me activities provided.