A bilingual adventure in Nelson, BC!

The Nelson, BC chapter of Canadian Parents for French hosted Maison des Jeunes Forum Jeunesse Charlevoix Ouest, located in Baie-Saint-Paul, QC, from July 21-29, 2018. They kicked off their trip by driving to the small mining towns of Silverton and New Denver where they went camping for few nights. While camping they hiked and biked, and learned about the history of the area. They also walked around an abandoned ghost town! When back in the city, they hiked pulpit rock to get a good view of Nelson, afterwards, they watched a show by the Nelson Youth Theatre. They wrapped up their week by sailing to troupe Junction, an old railway line.

The  youth  ambassador  on  exchange  is  Marie-Soleil Lavoie!  This is what she had to say about her exchange: “I really enjoyed participating in this exchange. It gave me the opportunity to visit a really charming city, as well as to meet people I really value and whom I plan to return to see soon.”

Her group organizer, Valérie Boulet, also had a few words to say: “The Experiences Canada exchange between Nelson, British Columbia and Baie Saint-Paul, Quebec was an almost perfect experience that transformed youth participants on many levels for the rest of their lives. For the majority of young people, it was their first travel experience, so they were opened up to new possibilities and faced many fears. Strong bonds have been forged with the other youth participants and many of them have already promised to visit each other in the coming years. They discovered their beautiful country and learned lots of new things about Canada’s communities and their history. They are now more engaged and responsible citizens.”