Experiences Canada invites you to join us as we celebrate the amazing accomplishments of Canadian youth during these challenging times. Whether they have been sharing stories about their community as part of our virtual exchanges; creating music videos as part of our virtual choir; or contributing art to our virtual art expo – we wanted to take a moment to celebrate this journey with them!

Stroll the virtual Art Gallery; watch the four music videos; and take a tour across Canada with our new interactive map featuring youth projects from every corner of the country!

Join us as we give these young people a rousing virtual round of applause!

The flagship project is the launch of an interactive map of Canada that will feature the contributed work of individual youth, schools & youth groups across the country, who participated in This! Is Canada Virtual Exchanges.

These young Canadians have created videos, websites, and other multi-media features that showcase their own communities and were shared with each other throughout the program. All of these projects have been brought together and uploaded to our interactive virtual map of Canada – enabling the rest of us to “tour across Canada,” visiting communities as a virtual journey across the country as seen by the eyes of our young people.

The This! Is Canada – Virtual Choir, is made up of 25 youth age 11-17 from across Canada, with a passion for singing. Over the past 3 months to choir have met weekly for rehearsals, and learned, recorded, and created videos for four distinctly Canadian songs. 

During the event we will debut the video clips these youth have created for: Scars To Your Beautiful (Alessia Cara),  Blinding Lights (The Weeknd),  Un Canadien Errant (Whitehorse), and Northern Lights (The Jerry Cans). We will also hear from a few choir members about their experience in the program.


Throughout May and June, Experiences Canada is inviting youth with an interest in visual arts to submit artwork with the theme ‘Pandemic Perspectives’. These artworks will combine to create This! Is Canada – Virtual Gallery.

The virtual gallery provides a space for young Canadians to express themselves through art and share their talents with the rest of the country. The gallery serves to build community awareness and connectedness by showcasing the incredible challenges & strengths Canadian youth have faced and overcome during the pandemic.

During the event we will showcase pieces from the gallery, as well as announce the winners of the Gallery Awards.


Investing in the education and future of Canadian youth benefits us all. Every gift has an immediate impact, helping young Canadians broaden their connections and increase their exposure to diverse experiences will help them grow as the leaders of tomorrow we need them to be. We could not accomplish our goals without the support, involvement and enthusiasm of our generous donors and partners.

Thank you for bringing young Canadians together at a time when they need it most!


We know that many families have been severely impacted by the pandemic, and we need your support to ensure no youth is left behind due to changes in their family’s financial circumstances, cultural concerns or geographical or technological disadvantages.

You can help ensure our programs are accessible to all. Please consider making a donation, allowing youth to stay connected and participate in our virtual programs.

Formulaire de demande – Chorale virtuelle:

Remarque : Les frais de participation sont de 50 $ pour une séance de six semaines ou de 75 $ pour s’inscrire aux deux séances. Cela comprend les répétitions, toute la musique et tout le matériel requis, ainsi que la participation facultative au programme d’échange virtuel. Ces frais seront exigibles une fois qu’ils auront été acceptés dans le programme.

Expériences Canada s’engage à assurer un accès complet à son programme, peu importe la géographie, les capacités ou les circonstances économiques. Les demandes de financement de mesures spéciales limitées sont examinées au cas par cas.

Si vous avez des questions au sujet de la chorale virtuelle ou du processus de demande, veuillez communiquer avec nous à l’adresse

Les candidatures se terminent le dimanche 3 octobre.

Les répétitions hebdomadaires auront lieu les mardis à 16 h, heure du Pacifique (19 h, HE, 8 h 30, T.-N.-L.), du 12 octobre au 16 novembre et du 1 février au 8 mars.

Virtual Choir application
Address / Adresse *
Address / Adresse
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Applications are open to youth 12-17 years old.
Which 6 week session would you like to sign up to (you may select both) / À quelle séance souhaitez-vous vous inscrire:

Tell us about yourself / Parlez-nous un peu de vous

What is your singing experiences / Quelles sont vos expériences en chant: *
List as many that apply
Do you sing high, medium, or low? / Chantez-vous haut, moyen ou bas?
Do you play a musical instrument? / Jouez-vous d’un instrument de musique?
eg: Possible scheduling conflicts

Collection and Use of Personal Information

As the parent/guardian, I hereby give my consent for EXPERIENCES CANADA to collect the personal information required for submission to the EXPERIENCES CANADA Virtual Choir. I understand that this personal information is required for the purposes of selection and program delivery and that it will only be used by EXPERIENCES CANADA or disclosed to select third parties who are acting as suppliers, service providers or who provide funds to EXPERIENCES CANADA and who have agreed to protect the personal information supplied by EXPERIENCES CANADA.


En tant que parent/tuteur, j’autorise EXPÉRIENCES CANADA à recueillir tous les renseignements personnels requis pour participer à la Chorale virtuelle d’EXPÉRIENCES CANADA. Je comprends que ces renseignements personnels sont nécessaires aux fins de sélection et d’exécution du programme et qu’ils ne seront employés que par EXPÉRIENCES CANADA ou divulgués à des tierces parties qui agissent à titre de fournisseurs, de fournisseurs de services ou de bailleurs de fonds pour EXPÉRIENCES CANADA et qui ont accepté de protéger les renseignements personnels transmis par EXPÉRIENCES CANADA.

By checking “Yes” I indicate that I freely give my consent to the collection and use of personal information of this participant as set out above. // En cochant « Oui », j’indique que je donne mon libre consentement à la collecte et à l’utilisation des renseignements personnels, tel que décrit ci-dessus. *
I understand that my child may have the opportunity to express himself/herself verbally or in written form, create or appear in photographs and/or video recordings at any point during the EXPERIENCES CANADA virtual choir, individually or as part of the group. / Je comprends que mon enfant peut avoir l’occasion de s’exprimer verbalement ou par écrit, de prendre des photographies/de produire des vidéos, ou d’y figurer, à tout moment dans le cadre du programme de Chorale virtuelle d’EXPÉRIENCES CANADA, individuellement ou en groupe. *


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