BLM/Anti-Racism Conversations – Learning Resources

Each week, for each topic, we will supply lesson plans and easy to follow discussion guides to provide further instruction on what anti-racism is, and racism in multiple aspects of life. Our aim is to assist educators in integrating the various topics into their curriculum plans and provide support to at-home/independent learners as well. 

We encourage you to view the webinars with your students, and continue the conversation in your (virtual) classrooms using our lesson plans and guides.

Learning Resources will be published each week. Join our Facebook Group to be notified of updates, or sign up to receive email notifications.


Program Question: What is Anti-Racism?


Program goals, definitions, acknowledgement, role of the educator, conversation guidelines

Download the discussion guide


Lessons and activities can be adapted to any course or community group activity and are flexible to different timelines to best suit the class or group.

What is Black Lives Matter and its Impact in Canada

Why start with BLM, brief history of anti-Black racism in Canada, evolution of BLM in Canada 

  • Activity: Explore BLM Canada
  • Challenge: Freedom Fighters

View the Lesson Plan
View the Lesson slides
Watch the webinar


Justice and Security

Police brutality & racial profiling, MMIWG, school to prison pipeline, overrepresentation of Indigenous and Black people in prisons, civil rights movements in Canada

  • Activity: The Game of Life
  • Challenge: Restorative Justice Proposal

Lesson Plan
Lesson slides 
Watch the webinar





Access to healthcare, differences in treatment, unauthorized procedures, mortality rates, COVID

  • Activity: Social Determinants of Health
  • Challenge: Sign or Start a Petition 

Lesson Plan
Lesson slides
Watch the webinar


Introduction to Anti-racism

Glossary of keywords and themes, history of racism in Canada

  • Activity: Identity Wheel
  • Challenge: News Narratives

Lesson Plan
Lesson slides
Watch the webinar

Economic Opportunities

Education, career development, economic opportunity, newcomer inclusion, reparations

  • Activity: Coins in my Cup 
  • Challenge: Donate

Lesson Plan
Lesson slides
Watch the webinar



Access to clean water, effects of climate change, development projects

  • Activity: Collaborative Research
  • Challenge: Write a Letter

Lesson Plan – Available Monday November 30
Lesson slides  – Available Monday November 30
Watch the webinar – Monday November 30



How to be a good ally, performative activism, intention vs. impact, amplifying BIPOC voices

  • Activity: Red Light / Green Light
  • Challenge: Amplify BIPOC Voices

Lesson Plan – Available Monday December 7
Lesson slides  – Available Monday December 7
Join the webinar – Monday December 7


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