Economic Opportunities

Economic Opportunities for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color individuals have increased over the years. As true histories of the experiences of these communities have become widely shared, more interest in the field increases the opportunities for individuals to create their own businesses or organizations. Additionally, among these communities the need to give back to their own is a part of their wellbeing. 

During this week, we will hear from youth who have created their own organization or are heavily involved in multiple organizations centered at building up the capacity of youth in their areas and broadly online. Each individual comes sharing their experiences with colonial and decolonial ways of learning, discussing how marginalization within workplaces and educational institutions have affected their lives today, and how youth can collaborate to create change.

In the sections below we have provided additional resources to support our live event and to increase the capacity of youth to engage in Anti-Racism conversations . If you would like to continue discussing the themes for this unit, we invite you to join our Facebook group – A safe space where you can ask questions, share information and seek support. 

Live Event

Closed captions will be available in the coming days


Donneil McNab

Donneil McNab currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia and works at Royal Roads University in the Student Services department. She is originally from St. Catherine, Jamaica and relocated to Canada in 2018 to pursue her graduate studies. 

Donneil’s passion for diversity, anti-racism and cultural awareness led her to occupy several volunteer roles at Royal Roads University. These include being a member of the Diversity Action Group, the Positive Space Network, the Anti-Racism Taskforce and the President’s Steering Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Additionally, she is a co-founder of Black Speaks Victoria. This platform allows her to also do anti-racism work in her community at large by educating others, shining a light on Black excellence and amplifying Black voices.



Lesson plans and easy to follow discussion guides to provide further instruction on what anti-racism is, and racism in multiple aspects of life.




Youth Challenge!

Youth challenges can be done on an individual basis and will help youth participants use the knowledge they have gained through the speakers presentations to become ambassadors for anti-racism in their communities. 

Donate or Support


Donate your time, supplies, or money to a BIPOC-run charity, organization or support a BIPOC-run business. Take a photo, screenshot the receipt of donation, or simply post about what/who you chose to support!

You can share in our Facebook Group, or publicly. If you post publicly, don’t forget to tag us @ExperiencesCanada and use the hashtag #antiracismconversations so we can share!


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A key objective for this series is to amplify the message and voices of the Black Lives Matter Movement and Anti-Racism Activists in Canada and raise greater awareness for the work of these organizations.  


Continue the Conversation

Join us next week as we continue the conversation with the next webinar in our series – Health:

We also invite you to join our Facebook group – A safe space where you can ask questions, share information and seek support. 

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