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Choosing a career path can feel overwhelming, but discovering your own unique skills and interests can help point you in the right direction. With the ever-changing marketplace, the rise of remote work, and all the ups and downs caused by the pandemic, young people are looking for fulfilling careers that will allow them to contribute to their communities in meaningful ways. By exploring areas such as extracurricular activites, volunteering, sports, personal hobbies, and favourite school subjects, our aim is to help youth match their skills and talents with a variety of interesting professions and relevant fields of study.


In the sections below, we have provided additional resources to support our live event and to provide opportunities for youth to engage in personal development and career exploration.

Live Event

For this topic, we will hear from two dynamic speakers that work closely with both youth and adults in helping them build their careers and work towards achieving their goals, Eylas Burney,  the Program Lead of national initiatives at the IDRF, and Emilie Salvi, a Career Advisor from McGill University, Continuing Education. 

If you are under the age of 30, we would appreciate your help in completing a brief post-webinar survey to assist us with evaluating the impact of the series for our funder, RBC Future Launch.  Be assured all responses will be kept fully confidential:

E-Learning Modules

Our e-learning series is designed to allow youth to confidently map out this next phase of their life through their own customized plan. These on-demand modules provide practical step-by-step guided instructions, curated resources and worksheets.


The first module in our e-learning series, ‘Identify Your Skills’, guides youth through the process of breaking down their volunteer and work experience and helps them identify transferable skills they should include in their resume.

Career VLOGS

Our Career VLOGs provide an inside look into different careers, as each video asks professionals basic questions about how they started in their industry, what skills and education are required,  and where they see the opportunities for youth interesting in getting into this line of work today. These vlogs will provide a starting point for youth to explore a career option that they may have never thought of pursuing.


We will be growing our library over the coming months – here are just a few to start:


We will be growing our library over the coming months – Here are just a few to start you off:

Career Choices VLOG – Entrepreneur

Career Choices VLOGS- Accountant

Career Choices VLOGS- Air Pilot

Career Choices VLOGS- Software Engineer


For those wishing to integrate the series into learning plans (whether at home or in the classroom), we have provided discussion guides and slides to help. We encourage you to watch the webinar and continue the conversation through the workshop.


While conducting research for this series, Experiences Canada reviewed a number of resources and we are pleased to recommend the following resources we believe are especially relevant for teens and young adults.


Join Us Next Month

Our next webinar will help youth to examine their existing digital footprint from the perspective of potential employers and will offer simple solutions to tidy up their online persona and further protect their privacy.


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