Planning for Post-Secondary Education

This topic is for youth who are looking to pursue a post-secondary education and need a little guidance on where to start. Between applications, budgeting and sometimes planning a big move, starting post-secondary education can be overwhelming but we promise that it will be some of the best years of your life! This topic covers areas such as post-secondary applications, planning and budgeting, and finding a work/life balance in that busy first year.


In the sections below we have provided additional resources to support our live event and to provide opportunities for youth to engage in personal development and career exploration.

Live Event

If you are under the age of 30, we would appreciate your help in completing a brief post-webinar survey to assist us with evaluating the impact of the series for our funder, RBC Future Launch.  Be assured all responses will be kept fully confidential:

E-Learning Modules

Our e-learning series is designed to allow youth to confidently map out this next phase of their life through their own customized plan. These on-demand modules provide practical step-by-step guided instructions, curated resources and worksheets.


Our “Post-Secondary Applications” module in our e-learning series, explores the application process and includes tools and advice for completing application essays and putting together portfolios. 


In addition, our “Finance Post-Secondary” module was created to help youth build a realistic budget and explores how to review various sources for funding and financial aid such as student budgeting tools and links to provincial and national aid programs and scholarships.

Career VLOGS

Our Career VLOGs provide an inside look into different careers, as each video asks professionals basic questions about how they started in their industry, what skills and education are required, and where they see the opportunities for youth interesting in getting into this line of work today. These vlogs will provide a starting point for youth to explore a career option that they may have never thought of pursuing.

Career Choices VLOGS – Economist

Career Choices VLOGS – Criminal Lawyer

Career Choices VLOGS – Software Engineer

Career Choices VLOGS – Accountant



These resources will be available alongside the recording of the webinar in the week following.


While conducting research for this series, Experiences Canada reviewed a number of resources and we are pleased to recommend the following resources we believe are especially relevant for teens and young adults.


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