Education and Economic Opportunity

The National Truth and Reconciliation Commission issued 92 calls to action in its 2015 report. Twenty of them related to education: improving access to quality education within Indigenous communities, as well as improving knowledge and understanding of Indigenous history and culture throughout Canada through school curricula and broader public educational channels. Better education is the cornerstone for a stronger path forward for everyone: fueling understanding and awareness; and providing greater opportunities for economic wellbeing. Indigenous people are the fast growing population in Canada. Investing in their future economic outcomes will strengthen prosperity and sustainability for all of Canada.

This unit will discuss the barriers many young Indigenous people have and continue to face to further their education along with some of the Indigenous-led education and training initiatives that are addressing these challenges.

In the sections below we have provided additional resources to support our live event and to further understanding of the path to meaningful Reconciliation. If you would like to continue discussing the themes for this unit, we invite you to join our Facebook group – A safe space where you can ask questions, share information and seek support. 

Live Event


Youth Challenge!

Youth challenges help youth participants use the knowledge they have gained through the live event to become ambassadors for reconciliation in their communities. By gaining a better understanding of Reconciliation, they can move towards reconciliACTION.

Write a Letter

Step 1) Write a letter to someone urging them to use their power to implement a Call to Action. You could write to a local business, your school principal, your MP, your Minister of Education, the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, the Minister of Indigenous Services, the Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages, or any other important figure!

Step 2) Take a screenshot and post to Experiences Canada’s Reconciliation Conversations Facebook group!

Tip: personalize your letter, and provide statistics and references to support the need for your specific request.

To find your MP:
List of Ministers:

Download the letter template

More templates for inspiration:


A series of lessons and activities for your class or group to develop strategies and ideas to further Reconciliation in your community




Continue the Conversation

Register for the chance to travel to Winnipeg next summer and attend our week-long forum on Reconciliation. Open to youth 14-18 years. 

We also invite you to join our Facebook group – A safe space where you can ask questions, share information and seek support. 

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