Experiences Canada has been working hard to organize a comprehensive series of fun and engaging virtual forums. The forums are designed to connect young people across the country and spur dialogue and learning in-line with curricula from grades 7-12 in STEM, social studies, language, and creative studies, as well as second language learning.   


Below you will find links to pages offering webinars and learning resources from our 5 virtual forums: Diversity and inclusion, Reconciliation, climate change, Career paths, and STEM. 


Some forums are still underway, if you would like to learn with your peers from across the country about Canada’s history, people and culture, how climate change is affecting us all, and a host of other cool topics, we invite you to join a youth cohort and attend the live workshops. You will receive a certificate, gift package and $50 gift card upon completion of the forum to recognize the knowledge and skills developed through this highly engaging series of presentations, group activities, and personal challenges.


Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion will build upon two previous forums hosted by Experiences Canada exploring topics such as poverty, cultural racism, and gender equality to help youth deepen their understanding of the systemic barriers faced by some Canadians and how they can become stronger advocates and allies to address those barriers and foster a more inclusive environment in their classrooms, clubs, and community activities.


Reconciliation will bring together Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth to have meaningful conversations about a better path forward for the relationship between Canadians, First Nations, Inuit, and Metis. The series will be delivered in collaboration with Indigenous partner organizations with a focus on teaching and learning from an Indigenous perspective.

Climate Change

Climate Change will help youth address growing climate anxiety while providing an introduction to understanding the Canadian realities of the global climate crisis. It will dispel common myths, and explore where the greatest risks are, and what actions are already underway to mitigate those risks.

Shape Your Path

“Shape your Path” will be aimed at helping youth who have no clear picture of what they want to do after high school to match their personal aptitudes and interests with different career options and begin mapping their plan for their next steps. Through the webinars, they will learn to identify their skills, volunteering, and mentorship opportunities in their chosen field of interest, as well as begin researching and preparing for post-secondary programs to support them.  

STEM and the Digital World

“STEM and the Digital World” will be of interest to youth already thinking about STEM careers, but will also be designed to encourage non-science-oriented youth to explore how STEM informs all of society; potentially opening their minds to a career path they never thought about. The webinar program will lead them through an exploration of STEM’s impacts, essential skills for the digital world, and how STEM is contributing to solving other social and political challenges.

Learning Resources

As well as contributing to the Virtual Forum Series, Experience Canada’s program partners are also offering additional resources to assist with asynchronous learning.

These resources may include archived webinars, discussion guides, learning resources and activities that you can lead in a classroom or community group setting. View each topic page for resources related to that series. 

Thanks to Our Funders

This program would not be possible without the generous support of our funders. 


You can help ensure our programs are accessible to all. Please consider making a donation, allowing youth to stay connected and participate in our programs.


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