Money 101

Money 101 is a program designed to equip young individuals with vital skills in financial management. Throughout this series, we will explore key topics such as budgeting, banking, investments, credit cards and loans, and basic economics for daily life. Our aim is to provide youth with the necessary financial knowledge to make informed decisions, establish healthy financial habits, and work towards their long-term goals. Join us on this educational journey towards financial success and independence! 

Experience the Rewards of Money 101

When you register for Money 101, you’re not just signing up for a series of webinars; you’re investing in your financial future. We believe in recognizing your dedication and commitment. As a token of appreciation, upon successfully completing all 4 webinars, you’ll receive a prestigious completion certificate.



The webinar will cover budgeting basics, including budget creation and tracking income and expenses. It will explain gross versus net cash flow, different types of debt, and interest accumulation in debt repayment. Guidance will be provided on creating a budget spreadsheet, tracking spending, setting financial goals, adjusting spending habits, and regularly reviewing and updating the budget.


This webinar will cover investments and interest rates, centering around the fundamental concept of investment and its significance in attaining financial independence. It will explain interest rates, including simple and compound interest. Discover a range of investment options provided by financial institutions, including savings accounts, TFSAs, GICs, bonds, and stocks. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the correlation between risk and return, as well as valuable insights on RRSPs and RESPs.


This webinar will introduce credit cards, covering their benefits, risks, types, and tips for choosing the right one. It will also discuss loans, including their importance, interest rates, refinancing, and debt consolidation. Topics such as credit scores and their significance in credit card applications, car loans, and mortgages will be touched upon. Participants will gain insights into managing debt and making informed financial decisions.


This webinar will cover key topics and strategies for managing everyday finances and preventing financial stress. It will discuss securing a job, categorizing expenses, and evaluating needs versus wants. This session will address the enhancement of consumer skills, strategies for saving for future expenses, and the introduction of investment principles. Moreover, insights into retirement planning and practical guidance for effective money management will also be covered.

Online learning modules

To complement the series, we have also created a series of e-learning modules to equip young people with the tools for a brighter financial future.  These on-demand modules provide practical step-by-step guided instruction, curated resources and worksheets covering the following topics: intro to budgeting, Investment and Interest Rates, Credit Cards and Loans, and Everyday Finances.

Our goal is to empower individuals, enabling them to take control of their finances and make informed decisions.

Learning Resources

In order to support teachers with classroom resources, the archived webinars will be available for free on our website, and we will also be providing lesson plans, lesson slides, and additional resources to accompany each webinar. 

These resources can also serve independent learners seeking to enhance financial literacy. Whether you’re a teacher, student, young professional, or interested in improving financial management, many can benefit from this comprehensive program. Let’s equip society with the tools for a brighter financial future.

Youth Leaders

Our Money 101 Youth Leaders are a group of dedicated young people (aged 21-30) who have been selected to act as hosts, content creators and workshop facilitators for the duration of the program. Youth Leaders assist in the planning and preparation of the webinars, advising and participating in the creation of the online workshops and supplementary tools and resources. 

Thanks to Our Sponsors

This program would not be possible without the generous support of our funders. 


You can help ensure our programs are accessible to all. Please consider making a donation, allowing youth to stay connected and participate in our programs.

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