Black Lives Matter & Anti-Racism Conversations

Experiences Canada’s Black Lives Matter & Anti Racism Conversations series – produced in both English and French – aims to increase the capacity of youth to engage in Anti-Racism conversations by providing them with an opportunity to learn from emerging and established leaders and from their peers.


A series of live events over 7 weeks will be accompanied by easy-to-follow discussion guides, educational materials and resources from anti-racism organizations. A key objective for this series is to amplify the message and voices of the Black Lives Matter Movement and Anti-Racism Activists in Canada.

The Program

The Black Lives Matter Inspired Anti-Racism Conversation Series has collaborated with Black, Indigenous and People of Colour activists, leaders, authors, professors, environmentalists, lawyers and journalists to bring you 7 weeks of live online events broadcast simultaneously on zoom and Facebook Live.

Speakers are still bring finalized. Below you can find a breakdown of the topics covered each week. Dates are subject to change until closer to the event. 

– Monday October 26 –

What is Black Lives Matter and its Impact in Canada

Notable Black Canadians will provide a brief history of Black Racism in Canada, the evolution of the Black Lives Matter Movement in Canada, and the opportunity for change in the wake of today’s global movement.

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- Monday November 2 -   Introduction to Racism

Building a common understanding of key terminology and historical facts is important for fostering meaningful dialogue. This session will inform about origins of race and race divisions, the impact of colonialism and its societal structures in institutionalizing racism today.

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- Monday November 9 -  Justice and Security

The Justice System is meant to keep Canadians safe and secure. However, racism within the system of justice and security is what motivated this global movement. This session will focus on police violence and brutality, the disproportionate number of racialized persons incarcerated, the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, racial profiling and the presence of police in schools.

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- Monday November 16 -  Economic Opportunities

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color individuals discuss how racism affects them daily, the innovative ways in which youth can develop their skills and competencies, and provide an outlook on marginalization nationally within workplaces and educational institutions.

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- Monday November 23 -  Health

With COVID-19, inequities within the healthcare system has shown Canada has a lot to fix. This session will examine the bias treatment experienced by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities with respect to securing equal access to housing, healthcare, and other essential living services.

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-Monday November 30 -  Environment

The impacts of a declining environment are not experienced equally. Most often it is the minority groups and neighborhoods who suffer the worst quality of life due to increased pollutants from toxic waste, garbage, pollutants and emissions, yet they have the least amount of power to effect clean ups in their communities.

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- Monday December 7 -   Allyship

In this concluding by-invitation only session, youth eager to take the next step in becoming stronger allies and advocates for change will get practical coaching and advice from some of Canada’s leading Anti-Racism advocacy organizations on how to effect constructive, peaceful change within their own circles and communities.

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Partner Resources

A key objective for this series is to amplify the message and voices of the Black Lives Matter Movement and Anti-Racism Activists in Canada and raise greater awareness for the work of these organizations.  These resources aim to inform and address many of the same issues highlighted in each weekly event, and provide still more ways for youth to take part in meaningful conversations and engage with their communities.


We’re in the process of finalizing our partners – if you would like to be involved in the series, please contact us!


In the meantime, you can view our collection of Anti-Racism Resources:

Learning Resources

Each week, for each topic, we will provide lesson plans and easy to follow discussion guides to provide further instruction on what anti-racism is, and racism in multiple aspects of life. Our aim is to assist educators in integrating the various topics into their curriculum plans and provide support to at-home/independent learners as well. 

We encourage you to view the webinars with your students, and continue the conversation in your (virtual) classrooms using our lesson plans and guides.





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We are grateful for the generous contribution of The RBC Foundation to support The Black Lives Matter/Anti-Racism Conversation Series that not only helps to amplify voices and perspectives about Anti-Racism in Canada, but is also contributes to building youth skills, capacity and experience for future jobs and opportunities.

You can find out more about the many youth initiatives RBC supports here.

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