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Have you been selected to go on an Experiences Canada exchange in the coming months? We’ve put together some suggestion for ways to make your exchange the best possible experience. 

We love to hear from you! Send photos, videos, news clippings, and testimonials to or Submit a story about what your Experiences Canada experience was like and it could be published here on our website!

This Month’s Youth Ambassadors

Aeva Dempster

My name is Aeva and I am 14. I love learning and taking part in different school and local activities. I love playing on our school sports teams and sports teams outside school as well.

Nabi Park

My name is Nabi. I am one of the percussionists in the Garibaldi Intermediate concert band. I have some common interests like art, music, and winter sports, and I see myself as a well-rounded student. My best and probably favorite classes are English and Band, as well as my visual arts elective. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, reading, and making people laugh. If you are wondering, I am a dog person, but I don’t mind cats.

Sofia Kadiri

My name is Sofia Kadiri. I’m 13 and I like travelling a lot. I play volleyball and I am in Grade 7.

Kelly Graham

Hi there, my name is Kelly Graham. I am 13 years old and I live in Jaffray BC. I go to Jaffray Elementary Junior Secondary School. I live with my parents and my older sister and younger brother. I have 2 older sisters and one younger brother. I am so excited about traveling with my peers and hoping to have a safe and fun experience. I am so lucky to have a special part in this experience as I am the ambassador.

Alyson Demers

HI my name is  Alyson Demers and I’m 16 years old. I am a synchronized swimmer at the national level. I train with the Québec Excellence Synchro club during the school year and I had the chance to be part of the team Canada 13-15 for  which I trained for throughout the year 2018 and went to California with for the Pan-Americans.

Ruby Boyd

My name is Ruby, and I am in my last of 8 years at Tennyson. I have lived in Vancouver all my life in the neighbourhood Kitsilano. I love this city, and all the wonderful experiences it has to offer. My hobbies include, soccer, basketball, and volleyball, and I enjoy reading.

Isabella de Sousa

Isabella is a grade 8 Immersion Student. She is a musician she plays piano and she is also one athlete playing hockey. She is of Portuguese descent.

Leah Burke

I’m Leah Burke, I’m 17 years old and I’m a grade 12 student at Gonzaga High School. I am also aerialist and Instructor at IFLY and Member of the IFLY performance troupe, I’ve been doing aerials for almost 2 years. When I’m not doing aerials I’m a photographer.

Ishita Mann

Hello! My name is Ishita Mann and I am a youth ambassador representing NBCHS for this year’s Experiences Canada exchange program. As a student, I am currently working towards attaining the prestigious IB diploma. In my spare time, I enjoy participating in sports such as swimming, boxing, running, and dancing. Besides sports, I enjoy volunteering and consequently, I volunteer at my local hospital, youth center, and homeless shelter. In terms of my school community, I am a member of student leadership clubs such as debate, mock trial, robotics, cake decorating, and bullet journaling. In fact, last year, I earned the opportunity to attend the nationally recognized ‘SHAD’ program at York University! I also run a non-profit organization called ‘Saskatchewan Youth United’ which works to reduce social stigmatism regarding mental health and promoting S.T.E.M. opportunities in Saskatchewan. I am extremely humbled to have been given the opportunity to represent the Battlefords in this exchange program and I cannot wait to ‘experience Canada’!

Olivia Tafel

My name is a Olivia Tafel. I am a grade eleven student, with an interest in photography and that’s why I have taken on the position of youth ambassador. I am a rural student and have dreams of travel so I am excited to take part in this exchange.

Philémon Brossard

My name is Philémon Brossard and I live in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine. I was born here January 7th 2007, so I’m 13 years old. I spent my childhood playing on the beautiful beaches between the forest and the sea. I have 2 younger sisters and an older brother. I play basketball a lot and I like spending time with my friends.

Patrick Creamer

My name’s Patrick Creamer, I enjoy trying new things whether it be food, or a new hobby. I’ll always try something at least once! I’m also a big nerd who loves coding and playing video games. I’m easy to get along with and always down for a cup of tea.

Breena Clark-McLellan

My name is Breena, I am a grade 10 student at Dr. Charles Best. I am very outgoing and I love meeting new people. I look forward to participating in the quebec exchange and the many experiences during that time!

Mrunmayie Vaidya Golthi

My name is Mrunmayie Vaidya Golthi.  I think that being the ambassador for my school’s first ever trip to Quebec is a wonderful opportunity of leadership and self projection. I am both extremely passionate about the french language and the learning of new things.  I’m an ardent science student, fascinated by the human body. I’m positively ecstatic for this Quebec trip!

Youth Ambassadors

Youth Ambassadors are responsible for documenting their exchange through photos, videos and participant reflections. One participant per group is chosen to take on this leadership role. These ambassadors help us share everyone’s experiences during their exchange and helps us to develop and improve our youth exchange programs. 

Benefits of becoming a youth ambassador:
  • Document the Exchange and take on a leadership role
  • Have your story featured on our website
  • At the end of the year have your story and photos commemorated in a digital yearbook.  

Want to become the youth ambassador of your group? Contact your teacher/group organizer!

Being a Good Twin

  • Communicate prior with your twin and their family to get to know them before you arrive
  • Respect your host family schedule
  • Be respectful and always use your manners
  • Accept differences — you may be introduced to different foods, languages and traditions.  This is a great way to immerse yourself in a different culture and expand your knowledge and respect for diversity
  • Do your best to get to know your twin and their family.  Participate in conversations, ask questions.  During the week, make an effort to really get to know your twin. 
  • Find out what your twin likes; music, books, theatre, sports
  • Treat your twin and their family how you would expect them to treat you when they visit. 
  • Stay in touch! 

Being a Good Host Twin

  • Consider creating a video of you and your family to share with your twin before they arrive. 
  • Try to find out what you and your twin have in common
  • Include your twin in family conversations so that they feel part of the family for the week
  • Introduce them to your friends
  • Share email addresses so that you keep in contact
  • Share birthday details so you can send birthday wishes to each other
  • Be respectful and kind
  • Ask your twin what they like to do in their down time
  • Enjoy your time with your twin, these relationships can last a lifetime!!


Are there opportunities for individual exchanges and travel experiences?

Our regular program is a group exchange. Occasionally, Experiences Canada organizes youth forums that are open for individual youth to apply. If you would like to be put on our youth mailing list to be notified of future opportunities please register here.

What alumni opportunities are available?

We are very keen to stay in touch with our past participants! If you haven’t already done so, sign up for our Experiences Canada alumni Instagram page, or our Facebook page. Each year we also invite alumni to apply for one of 12 positions on our national youth advisory committee, and we are always looking for alumni to help support the program by volunteering to visit with schools and groups in your community who may be travelling on exchange for the first time, or assisting us at local teachers conferences and presentations. From time to time, we also offer opportunities for alumni to represent Experiences Canada at other national youth conferences and events.

How can youth be more involved in exchanges?

We encourage Group Organizers to engage youth participants in the planning of their exchange experience. It is a great opportunity to get youth to stop and think about what makes their own community special, and what they’d like to showcase to others. Each exchange group is also asked to identify a youth to act as Youth Ambassador to work with Experiences Canada staff to help document their exchange experience through social media, and in the Experiences Canada annual digital yearbook. If you are interested in this role you should talk to your Group Organizer.

Where do we stay when we visit our twin group?

Experiences Canada exchanges are intended to be a reciprocal, homestay experience. Each youth participant is billeted in his or her selected twin’s home; likewise, adult chaperones are expected to host each other. If there are circumstances in which a group is unable to billet in homes, either for cultural, space and/or safety and security reasons, it is possible to request and plan a common stay arrangement.

What if I have other questions?

Experiences Canada staff are available Monday through Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm (Eastern Standard Time) to answer any and all of your questions. 

Phone: 1-800-387-3832 

What kinds of activities are involved?

The types of activities you do with your twin group should generally reflect the local culture, community, and history of where your group is located. Current guidelines from Canadian Heritage require that a minimum of 30% of each exchange week’s activities be historical or heritage related. Additional activities may reflect specific thematic exchanges and can be organized accordingly for music, sports, leadership, outdoor education, anti-bullying discussions, and more. In collaboration with the twin group organizer, each group designs a hosting week program that shows off their own community and meets the objectives of each group’s exchange learning plan and Canadian Heritage’s guidelines. Please note that all participants in both groups must participate in all activities during both halves of the exchange.

How do I apply for an exchange?

Applications are completed and submitted on-line by the Group Organizer. 

Apply for an exchange now. 

Where can I travel on an exchange?

Anywhere in Canada! Experiences Canada is active in all Canadian provinces and territories. Groups can request a specific destination or let our staff recommend one.

How old are the youth that participate?

Experiences Canada Exchanges are designed for youth between the ages of 12 and 17 years.

What is an Experiences Canada Exchange?

An Experiences Canada Exchange is a reciprocal, homestay exchange between two groups of Canadian youth, each in a different part of Canada. Experiences Canada exchanges are enriching, enhance learning and give participants an experience that lasts a lifetime.

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