This! is Canada – Virtual Choir

Experiences Canada is dedicated to finding innovative ways to connect young Canadians at a time when so much continues to keep them apart. Nothing brings young people together more than music!

The This! Is Canada – Virtual Choir, is made up of 25 youth age 11-17 from across Canada, with a passion for singing. Over the past 3 months to choir have met weekly for rehearsals, and learned, recorded, and created videos for four distinctly Canadian songs. 

We had a few guidelines for choosing the songs:

  • All the songs had to be by Canadian artists.
  • We wanted wide representation and relevance in content.
  • We chose songs we thought our singers would know and love!

The Songs


Scars To Your Beautiful (Alessia Cara)

Scars To Your Beautiful was chosen because of the powerful message, and also because the artist, Alessia Cara, is a strong female role model.  The video reflects the message of how we can be so self-critical in superficial ways, and how affirming positive choices can be.


Northern lights (The Jerry Cans)

Northern lights by the Jerry Cans is a fun, driving song about life in the far north, with incredible imagery and an anthemic vibe!  The video has a nature-driven theme, with scenes from all over Canada, but personal to our choir members.


Un Canadien Errant (Whitehorse)

Un Canadien Errant was a surprising choice in that it is so traditional, but this version (by Whitehorse) puts a new spin on the song. This video was to portray our love for our country, the wistfulness of missing loved ones during this pandemic, and our ties to our home.


Blinding Lights (The Weeknd)

Blinding Lights by the Weeknd was our ‘dessert’ song, a song with so much speed and movement. Our singers had a lot of fun with moving lights and spinning backgrounds. It’s the last song we worked on as summer approached and health restrictions were easing. There’s a strong sense of freedom and excitement!


We know that many families have been severely impacted by the pandemic, and we need your support to ensure no youth is left behind due to changes in their family’s financial circumstances, cultural concerns or geographical or technological disadvantages.

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