This! is Canada – Virtual Choir

During the pandemic, Experiences Canada was dedicated to finding innovative ways to connect young Canadians at a time when so much was keeping them apart. Nothing brings young people together more than music! Our This! Is Canada – Virtual Choir, was made up of youth age 11-17 from across Canada, with a passion for singing. All voices and abilities were welcome! No prior experience was necessary.


Below you will find instructions and worksheets for creating your own virtual choir and examples of the amazing music videos made by our This! is Canada Virtual Choirs.


Teaching Resources

Music is one way to connect people of all ages, from all over. Learners are tasked to create their own virtual choir using a song of their choice, working in small groups. 


  • Learners are to get into small groups 
  • Choose a song that has meaning to them
  • Draft ideas on how to make and record the music video!  



  • In groups, watch some of the music video examples
  • Practice and record your song together as a group 
  • Film your music video 
  • Present to the class! 


Download the assignment worksheet: How to make a virtual choir



Virtual Choir Songs

Check out the amazing songs created by our This! is Canada Virtual Choir:


Scars To Your Beautiful (Alessia Cara)

Scars To Your Beautiful was chosen because of the powerful message, and also because the artist, Alessia Cara, is a strong female role model.  The video reflects the message of how we can be so self-critical in superficial ways, and how affirming positive choices can be.


View on youtube


Northern lights (The Jerry Cans)

Northern lights by the Jerry Cans is a fun, driving song about life in the far north, with incredible imagery and an anthemic vibe!  The video has a nature-driven theme, with scenes from all over Canada, but personal to our choir members.


View on youtube


Un Canadien Errant (Whitehorse)

Un Canadien Errant was a surprising choice in that it is so traditional, but this version (by Whitehorse) puts a new spin on the song. This video was to portray our love for our country, the wistfulness of missing loved ones during this pandemic, and our ties to our home.


View on youtube


Blinding Lights (The Weeknd)

Blinding Lights by the Weeknd was our ‘dessert’ song, a song with so much speed and movement. Our singers had a lot of fun with moving lights and spinning backgrounds. It’s the last song we worked on as summer approached and health restrictions were easing. There’s a strong sense of freedom and excitement!


View on youtube


Falling Stars

“Falling Stars” is a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Leela Gilday. The song is a poignant reminder that life is precious and that we should make the most of it while we can. The heartfelt lyrics make “Falling Stars” a powerful and uplifting song that inspires listeners to live their best life while highlighting the rich cultural heritage of the Indigenous communities of Canada.


View on youtube



“Anyone” is a song by Canadian singer Justin Bieber. The song’s upbeat and catchy melody, combined with its heartfelt lyrics, make it a perfect choice for our choir members to sing. The song’s message of love and commitment is universal, and it’s not surprising that it resonates with fans around the world as well as our choir members.


View on youtube


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