Allyship Podcast Series

This Allyship Podcast Series is a result of Experiences Canada’s Do the Work! Youth Forum on Allyship.

The forum explored social justice topics as well as developed youth participants’ allyship and advocacy skills. The program began with the delivery of seven bi-weekly webinars and workshops to the 50 youth participants between the ages of 14-18. The topics covered included Reconciliation, Mental Heath, LGBTQ2+, Environmental Racism, Disability Justice, Islamophobia, and Social Media Impacts.


Youth who completed the full webinar series were invited to travel to Winnipeg for free to attend a 3-day in-person National Forum on Allyship, which took place May 6-8, 2022. In Winnipeg, they worked collaboratively to produce their own podcast on youth allyship and/or advocacy.



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This episode focuses on the discussion of Allyship and what it means to be an allie. A group of 6 youth tackle the topic and share their thoughts and opinions on this subject. 


“To us, allyship means coming together to support and uplift the voices of others”.


By Janelle Hanson, Alice Gladstone , Aislinn Main, Donovan Burt, Mehul Madhura, Namirembe Afatsawo and Olivia Rowse

Picking Right Sacred Medicine: Allies & Reconciliation

This episode focuses on the discussion of Reconciliation in Canada. A group of 6 youth tackle the topic and share their thoughts and opinions on this subject. 


Song Credit: Cody Coyote – Hit the Town (Feat. White Deer and Adium)


By Mbombo Malonde Kapacala, Kelly Tuttle, Kya Steinbach-Parker, Mara Lasko, Muskaan Wairaich, Ruby Poelzer and Tiya Patel

The Criminalization, Victimization and Discrimination of 2SLGBTQ+ People in Canada and the World

This episode focuses on the discussion of criminalization, victimization and discrimination of LGBTQ+ people. The youth concentrated on topics including current bills in the USA, rising hate crimes in Canada and why victims may choose not to report a crime.


By Kulmehak Randhawa, Cynthia Danis, Theodore Schwartzenhauer, Kevin Lee, Nari Barker, Paige Tolmie and Penelope Berrub 

Mental Health

This episode covers the topics of anxiety and depression. Our Mental Health group uses a discussion based around various statistics and coping mechanisms to help inform our listeners and raise awareness.


By Angelica Buccini, Candice Zhong, Dominique Hunter, Hana Brook Sheedy and Wynn Loiselle-Shire

Islamophobia From Gen Z’s Perspective

We know that fear drives some of humanity’s greatest issues, and Islamophobia stems from those very premonitions. From terrorist attacks to shocking stories in the media, Islam has been in the negative light, but why? This episode examines which factors we fail to consider before making presumptions, and how we can change our thinking in hopes of an improved future.


By Hassan Farasat, Lilia Hessabi, Marium Fatima, Spogmy Shinwari and Yegor Sokolov


This episode focuses on the discussion of Social Justice in Canada. A group of 6 youth tackle the topic and share their thoughts and opinions on this subject. 


By Cleche Kokolo, Rhyan Corbett, Mikaela Forbes, Ifza Irfan, Aarya Bhatt, Jessica Krukoski and Maya Nanji 

2SLGBTQ+ Group 2

This episode provides a lively discussion surrounding the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Each group member feels very passionate about some part of the community; and we wanted to explore these topics further to share their knowledge and experiences with our audience. 


Song Credit: The Radiant – Smooth Parts


By Joy Rogers, Roy Murnaghan, Lizzie Henwood, Maxim Lepage, Titiana Boima, Jill Dobbin and Charlie Thompson-Hill 


This episode focuses on the discussion of the impacts of social media from a social justice perspective. A group of 5 youth tackle the topic and share their thoughts and opinions on this subject.


By Danielle Pelletier, Cassie Campbell, Regan Sentner, Riz Maligaya, Siobhan Cadigan and Sydney Sinclair 


This episode provides an in-depth discussion on disability justice. Each group member has their own personal experiences with this topic and wanted to share them with our audience to shed a light on the day to day realities of living with visible and invisible disabilities.


By Stefan Tosovic, Anika Rievaj, Apollo J., Devyn Nichols, Liam Yeadon, Rylan Chapman and Megan Routhier

A Planet for the People

This episode focuses on the discussion of the lack of clean water in Indigenous communities across Canada. A group of 5 youth tackle the topic and share their thoughts and opinions on this national issue. 


Song Credits: Olive Spring by Imperss is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


By Mei-Ling Patterson, Alexa Bailey, Elisee Moore, Katie Yu, Mairi Brydon and Tseada Gebeyehu

Webinar & Forum Resources

Experiences Canada partnered with 7 amazing organizations to help deliver a series webinars, activities, and discussion guides on various topics such as Islamophobia, Reconciliation, Mental Health, LGBTQ2+, Environmental Racism, Disability Justice, and Social Media Impacts.


If you are interested in accessing these resources from the forum once they are available in the fall, make sure to sign up to receive an email notification! Allyship resources can be used in a classroom or community group setting. Stay tuned for more information and don’t miss out on these timely resources!

program partners


Experiences Canada is committed to uplifting and amplifying the voices of other organizations that are working to create a better, more inclusive future for today’s youth. We have partnered with some amazing organizations to create and lead our allyship forum webinar series.

Youth Leaders

Our allyship Youth Leaders act as hosts, mentors, chaperones and workshop facilitators for the duration of the program. Youth Leaders assist in the planning and preparation of the webinars, advising and participating in the creation of the online workshops and supplementary tools and resources, and leading podcast production teams. Youth leaders play an important role in facilitating various program activities and mentoring youth through their final podcast or webinar presentation.

Thanks to Our Funders

This program would not be possible without the generous support of our funders. 


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