Climate Change

Climate Change will help youth address growing climate anxiety while providing an introduction to understanding the Canadian realities of the global climate crisis. It will dispel common myths, and explore where the greatest risks are, and what actions are already underway to mitigate those risks.


Below you can find archived webinars, and learning resources to start you on your journey to help fight climate change. 


These webinars can be used as additional resources for various science classes and topics, in order for learners to immerse themselves into issues pertaining to environmental science and climate change


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Environmental Racism

This presentation uses an equity-centred approach to offer insight into the historical events that led to the present-day environmental justice and anti-racism movement. This is accompanied by definitions on terminology and clear, illustrative examples that promote applied learning. Towards the conclusion of the webinar, we transition from discussing the who, what, and why of environmental justice into discussing specific case studies situated in a Canadian context which help frame the barriers and enablers of justice for structurally vulnerable and underserved communities in the face of environmental racism. 

Speakers: Manvi Bhalla, Mei-Ling Patterson and Hayley Brackenridge, Shake Up the Establishment


This webinar and workshop series will help in illustrating the links between climate change and health and well-being. After reviewing the various impacts of climate change upon human health, our webinar will take some time to put a spotlight on mental health by centering storytelling on eco-anxiety and eco-grief. Given the very real implications of the climate crisis upon the mental health of youth in particular, our webinar aims to end off with tools and coping strategies to promote a sense of agency as it concerns our collective futures. 

Speakers: Manvi Bhalla, Mei-Ling Patterson and Hayley Brackenridge, Shake Up the Establishment

Zero/low waste living

This workshop will focus on how individuals can positively impact the environment by reducing the amount of waste they create. No action is too small, and we can all make a difference. The workshop will cover the following topics: understanding the different forms of waste: tech waste, food waste, fashion waste, and plastic waste; understanding the role companies and businesses play in our dependence on material goods; practical tips and how to implement them and; Eco-alternatives to conventional products.

Speaker: Stephanie Moram, Good Girl Gone Green

Environmental Justice

This webinar and workshop series will have Jasveen Brar, a climate educator from the prairies, talk about environmental justice and intersectional environmentalism. Jasveen will help the youth hone the skills to be creative leaders, systems thinkers, radical collaborators, and creative problem solvers who can lead collective action, implement community-driven climate solutions, and thrive in an age of uncertainty. 

Speakers: Jasveen Brar, Youth Climate Lab


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