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Art is powerful! and provides youth with an important avenue for expression. Art in all its forms can help in developing self-identity, in improved mental health, and is one of the most powerful tools we can use to activate and trigger change. Below you will find lesson plans and workshops focusing on self-expression and using art as a means of communication and personal development. 


As examples, you will also find our virtual gallery – Experiences Canada’s This! Is Canada – Virtual Art Gallery provided a space for youth to express themselves through art and share their talents with the rest of the country. The gallery highlights the incredible talent, resilience, leadership and diversity of our country’s young people from coast-to-coast-to-coast!

Teaching Resources

Program Question: Artivism – What is it and what does it mean?



  • To introduce Artivism – The power of art in public space 
  • To reflect on a moment that holds value and importance in your life 
  • To brainstorm how this moment can be transformed into an artistic piece



This introductory session will inform learners about the concept of “Artivism” and how visual arts hold power in public spaces. Within artivism, students will learn the impact of art and how it contributes to the ways and understandings of the world. Through this initial lesson, it will give learners a deeper understanding of arts impacts, and further prepare them to be successful in the creation of their own work.



We received 136 submissions for our 2022 Virtual Gallery! The 2022 theme was “Feels Like Home” where we invited youth to submit art (in any medium) that represented what makes them feel like home. Whether it be friendships, family, culture, or a specific place or community that makes them feel at home. Prizes were awarded in three age categories:  12-15, 16-19, and 20-25.


We received 86 submissions for our 2021 Virtual Gallery! The 2021 theme was “Pandemic Perspectives” where we invited youth to submit art (in any medium) that featured representations of life during the pandemic and/or aspirations for change in a post-pandemic world. Prizes were awarded in three age categories:  12-15, 16-19, and 20-25.


In collaboration with Montreal-based Never was Average, we are pleased to offer three online workshops focused on different aspects of art in personal empowerment. These workshops were recorded live and are now available for viewing below. We also encourage you to use it as a starting point to run your own workshop!


Please note that for privacy and security reasons, attendee interactions have been removed from the recordings.  

Artivism: The Power of Art in Public Space

“Art is a disruptive and propelling force. Creative expression is one of the most powerful tools we can use to activate and trigger change,” Ava DuVernay. Many artists and creatives use the arts to denounce injustices. Art largely contributes to the understanding of the world and its various issues and plays a major role in the perception of social subjects by the public. In this conversation, we will discuss together the power of art in public space.

The Social Trap

Your online presence probably takes many forms already. Your digital identity is the fusion of all the attributes and information available online. In this conversation, we’ll explore if your online footprint reflects your values, and reality and reflect on how our constant clicking, liking, swiping, and algorithms have impacted our lives.

Not Your Average Identity

Self-Identity is your knowledge and perception of yourself. It is by experiencing, learning and having feedback from those around us that we come to identify our characteristics, abilities, needs and feelings. Together, we will discuss the different ways of accepting, building self-esteem and evolving at our own pace.


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