Experiences Canada knows providing the best possible experience for young people is impossible without their input! The Experiences Canada Youth Advisory Committee, known as the “YAC”, is made up of youth from across Canada who provide us with their perspective on how we can improve our exchange programs and forums. The YAC helps to raise awareness for Experiences Canada and undertakes a variety of activities to help us offer a better experience for our participants!

Dominique Hunter – Co-President

Vancouver, BC

I’m a grade 12 student from Vancouver, BC. In May 2022, I attended Experiences Canada’s Allyship forum. For me, the most valuable outcome of the forum was being able to meet and collaborate with other youths. It allowed me to make so many new friendships from all over the country. I also found that the forum really opened my eyes to the extent of certain issues, and it encouraged me to take initiative in my community. Next year, I hope to take either business or sociology at university.

Jill Dobbin – Co-President

Kindersley, SK

My name is Jill and I am from a small town in Saskatchewan, but I am currently living in Ottawa. I attend Carleton University and I am doing a combined honours program in neuroscience and biology. I attended the Allyship Forum in May of 2022 and it made a huge difference in my life. I met amazing people from all across the country, some of whom have become close friends. This is my second year on the YAC and I am very excited to see how the year plays out!

Lilia Hessabi – Secretary

Vancouver, BC

Hi, my name is Lilia Hessabi, and I’m a grade 12 student from Vancouver, BC. In hopes of pursuing a career in law, I participated in the Experiences Canada’s “Allyship” forum, and it was truly such a priceless experience. Not only did I visit a new place and tour Winnipeg, but I made connections that will last a lifetime. I always knew Experiences Canada forums and exchanges were one of kind after participating in an exchange to Quebec City in grade 7, and the “Allyship” forum convinced me to undertake a leadership role within the council that is involved with the experiences I loved doing. I am excited to extend the lessons I have learned within leadership positions in my community into those that benefit people across the country.

Kevin Lee – Secretary

Brandon, MB

Hi my name is Kevin Lee (Jevin) and I’m from beautiful Brandon Manitoba. I’m a high school student studying at VMHS go Vikings! If I’m not at school I enjoy doing some of my hobbies which include chess,music,video games and sports. In 2022, I attended my first Experiences Canada in-person forum where I learned about social justice in Canada and how to be an ally in my community. After that forum, I wanted to do more with Experiences Canada so I applied to join YAC.

Jessica Krukoski

Toronto, Ontario

Hello! My name is Jessica, and I am from Toronto, Ontario. I got the opportunity to attend the Youth Allyship Forum in May 2022, an event I cherish immensely. From learning about different cultures to co-creating a podcast episode with my group, I got the chance to practice my leadership skills and learn about how change starts and expands. This experience was valuable because it prioritized youth leadership and exploration, something I’ve found I have not had many chances to do. I have made several amazing friends and connections at the forum, and it was a life-changing milestone for me. Some of my interests include biking, graphic design, and crocheting.

Dev Katyal

Ottawa, ON

Hi there, my name is Dev Katyal and I am a grade 12 student from Ottawa. Some of my passions are environmental conservation, app development and public speaking. I also love playing sports like basketball and running cross country. Some cool facts about me are that I have been a Royal Canadian Air Cadet for 4+ years and that I recently published my own app called MarineMatch that helps to counter overfishing. I got the opportunity to attend the Youth Allyship Forum in May 2022; I not only learned the fundamentals of leadership but made lifelong friends with youth all across Canada!

May Boudreau

Bathurst, NB

Hi! My name is May Boudreau and I’m a grade 11 student from Bathurst, New Brunswick. Some of my hobbies are sports, music, travelling, and meeting new people. My first Experiences Canada trip was in 2020 to Peace River, Alberta where I got the chance to learn about the Metis and Cree culture and I made new friends. My second experience was a virtual trip with Experiences Canada. It was a forum in 2021 and I got the chance to meet people from Ontario. After my two amazing experiences I decided to apply to the YAC to help other youth have nice experiences and learn with new friends.

Ares Vankoeveringe

Metchosin, BC

Hi, I’m Ares and I’m from Metchosin on Vancouver Island, B.C. I’m in Grade 11. Some of my interests include rockets, video games, sailing, and biking. I also do weightlifting and wrestling. I joined the YAC because I had a super fun time on my exchanges where I got the opportunity to explore the Northwest Territories and then a year later explore Saskatchewan. I got to do some things and meet some people I never would have gotten the chance to otherwise. I want to give this amazing opportunity to as many people as possible.


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