What is Black Lives Matter and its Impact in Canada

Following the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer in the United States in 2013, the global Black Lives Matter movement rose up to combat violence against the black community.

The BLM movement in Canada co-founded by Janaya Khan and Sandy Hudson has an equally pervasive impact in Canada: “I am telling you, the brutalization of Black people and the anti-Blackness that we face, it’s not that different because of the little imaginary line that separates what is called Canada and what is called the United States,” explains Sandy Hudson. “Our cultures are very, very similar. The thing that is very different about Canada is the denial that we are faced with when we tell people outside of Black communities that this is a problem that needs to be addressed.” 

In the sections below we have provided additional resources to support our live event and to increase the capacity of youth to engage in Anti-Racism conversations . If you would like to continue discussing the themes for this unit, we invite you to join our Facebook group – A safe space where you can ask questions, share information and seek support. 

Live Event


Robert Applyrs, our french team lead for the online series, is passionate about music and social justice. He created this video after the Black Lives Matter Event in Montreal on June 7, 2020.

“It is with mixed feelings that I present this little gem to you. I feel proud and privileged to live through the current events and this moment of transition for all of us with my grown-up daughter, but also saddened that she has to go through the same things that I went through and that even my parents went through… It is with humility and love that we interpret the song Yélé by wyclef jean and with a superb visual montage of an ally, a very good friend @sebchampagne.”


Lesson plans and easy to follow discussion guides to provide further instruction on what anti-racism is, and racism in multiple aspects of life.




Youth Challenge!

Youth challenges can be done on an individual basis and will help youth participants use the knowledge they have gained through the speakers presentations to become ambassadors for anti-racism in their communities. 

Freedom Fighters

Share a photo of a Black Canadian revolutionary with their name, a description, and your reason for choosing them!


You can do so in our Facebook Group, or publicly. If you post publicly, don’t forget to tag us @ExperiencesCanada and use the hashtag #antiracismconversations so we can share!


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A key objective for this series is to amplify the message and voices of the Black Lives Matter Movement and Anti-Racism Activists in Canada and raise greater awareness for the work of these organizations.  

Continue the Conversation

Join us next week as we continue the conversation with the next webinar in our series – Introduction to Racism

We also invite you to join our Facebook group – A safe space where you can ask questions, share information and seek support. 

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