Attending the Canada We Want Conference, organized by the Student’s Commission of Canada was a life changing experience. This conference allowed for youth from all over Canada to discuss issues that were impacting us all, and compare how differently issues such as youth services looked from coast to coast to coast. Being able to be educated from diverse perspectives within our country, in safe spaces is so important in order for youth to thrive. Opportunities like this conference help the youth of today, such a myself gain invaluable insight. I wouldn’t have heard of this opportunity without the connection of Experiences Canada, and through them being able to attend the conference was life changing experience. I truly admire the collaborative effort that organization holds.

— Pallvi Sehijpaul

It’s not an everyday experience where you get to be under the same roof with youth from all corners of Canada. Nor is sitting next to someone from Quebec and having a moment of realization that they speak French as their first language. This is what the #CanadaWeWant conference provided. I got the amazing opportunity to travel across the country, experience a new environment and meet new friends. It’s hard to believe we all traveled so many hours but we were still in the same country. When the world atlas told me Canada is the second biggest country, they weren’t joking! Once you start understanding how diverse Canada is and the people it brings together, you start to wonder, “What is their life like?”. Fortunately, the #CanadaWeWant conference had provided not only the people but also relevant themes and topics for us to discuss. Through several dialogues and discussions, you get a chance to hear about different ideas and perspectives related with the unique problems today’s Canadian youth experience. Throughout the week, you learn so much and personally for myself, I can’t wait to explore Canada. Through this opportunity, I got to understand how each province and territory has their unique distinctions from Alberta’s love for the rodeo to Nunavut’s crazy snowstorms to Nova Scotia’s fresh lobsters. This is what you call an eye-opening experience and I’m glad I took “the road less taken”.

— Leejoo Hwang

Having the experience of going to Toronto for a week to help facilitate the Student Commission of Canada’s Canada we Want conference was an absolutely incredible experience. Surrounded by young people from across the country who came from so many diverse backgrounds, but were united in their drive to create a better future for Canada was inspiring and humbling. As a facilitator I got to listen to the stories of fellow youth and help them bring their vision for the Canada we Want to life. Among so many other things, going to this conference also helped me realize how important it is to always establish a safe and inclusive environment, and the I am so thankful for the connections I was able to create because of that. After arriving home from the conference, I was reached out to by the Students Commission to help create a youth policy dialogue with the Prime Ministers Youth Council here in my hometown of Edmonton. Already, the relationships I made at CWW are connecting me to a national movement! I feel like I am part of a larger community of young Canadians who are driving our country forward! Thank you, Experiences Canada!

— Astrid Krueger

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