Our first round of twinning will take place February 1st to ensure that groups have an ample amount of time to connect with their twins. The twinning process will be ongoing, but we suggest that you apply as soon as possible. 

Groups can complete 1 unit together, or work through all 6 in small teams.  Whether or not you’re interested in future in-person travel, This! Is Canada offers youth a change to explore another part of Canada they otherwise may never visit!

  1. Submit application as soon as possible for optimal choice of twinning
  2. Indicate your learning theme interests and group size and age
  3. A Notice of Twinning will be sent by email to let you know that a match has been found
  4. You will have 2 weeks to notify Experiences Canada if you accept or decline the exchange
  5. In these two weeks, you will contact your proposed twin to discuss your, learning objectives, and set your deadlines for virtual presentations and completed projects
  6. Once confirmed you will be asked to sign agreements and submit your participation fee


  1. Once confirmed group organizers will receive their teaching guide and access to the online modules
  2. Participants register on the secure portal
  3. Youth review the online activity module they are completing and begin work on their assignments
  4. Modules are available for group organizers to access at their own pace


  1. Based on schedule you and your twin agree upon, set up times for online presentations via Zoom, Google Meets, or other approved platform for students to share their work with each other
  2. Create opportunities for youth to react and ask questions about each other’s presentation
  3. Plan some time for ice-breakers and other informal ways to encourage youth to connect with each other


  1. Following their presentations youth may want to make final adjustments to their projects
  2. Once completed group organizer should submit their projects to Experiences Canada through the online system for inclusion in the Interactive Map
  3. The Interactive map will be available in June with all content received by June 1st. Other content will be added as it is received.
  4. Debrief with youth about their experience and learning
  5. Provide feedback to Experiences Canada to share your own insights as well as those of the youth participants, register for another virtual or in-person exchange with the same group, or request a new one

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