Elsie Martineau, youth ambassador for Polyvalente La Samare in Plessisville, Quebec hosted Monck Public School from Bracebridge, Ontario on January 16th. Here are her thoughts on the first half of her exchange.


I wanted to do this exchange because my sisters did it and they had fun. I think that the exchange is a really great opportunity to improve your English and meet new people. I always thought it would be fun to be part of it but after I realized how lucky I was!

My favourite memory of the trip is the moment when the other group arrived. Just before they arrived everybody was excited to meet their twin and we were all singing songs outside while we were waiting for them, it was so funny! When they finally arrived we were all looking for our twin and I’ll forever keep this memory in my mind.

I think that my favourite activity was Valcartier, because we were free to be with the other twins.  We had fun sliding on the big snow slide, the Everest, with people who had never done it and they just didn’t know how stressful it is! It was my favourite activity because I really connected with other twins. It was fun for us to have a better look on our community and learn things outside of school!

My experience hosting was wonderful! We had the chance to be the first hosts of the exchange, which means we were the ones making the first connections. I noticed that even if we live in the same country there are things that aren’t the same and that are done differently.

I think the exchange changed me a lot! It changed my point of view on myself and the activities and meeting the other youth really changed me as well.

I would recommend this experience to everyone! It’s a week where you are working on yourself a lot but it’s a great opportunity and I find myself really lucky for having experienced this!

I will always remember the day they left….Oh my god… I didn’t think I would be sad because I knew see my twin again in four months but when she gave me a big hug, told me goodbye, I started crying. We were together nine days twenty-four hours on twenty-four hours together, we even had established our own routine and when I realized that I’d have to go back to my normal life again I was really sad.


Elsie Martineau

I’m 13 years old, I live in Villeroy on a farm with approximately 100 cows and many more animals. I’m rather active on social media, but I’m also outside a lot with the animals. I decided to go on this exchange with the goal of perfecting my English and


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