My trip to Ontario and around Alberta was incredible. I got to do and explore so many things; things that struck inspiration for my writing and things that inspired me for my future. I am a born and raised Canadian but there were so many differences that I discovered once I finally left Alberta. I got to experience the spirit of a Blue Jays game, versus an Oilers game. How different the architecture of the buildings are here at home compared to Ontario’s. My entire experience in Ontario was incredible, one of my favourite moments was the Kingston penitentiary. It was an amazing tour and something I would likely never get to experience without this journey through Experiences Canada. We did so much that time there passed by so quickly. Before we knew it we had to say goodbye to our new friends and the wonderful families who hosted us. I stayed with an incredible family; they couldn’t wait for my twin Eric and I to tell them what happened from the days we were away. Telling them about our adventures was the best way to unwind after our busy days and long bus rides. Both the trips had a similar impact on me; we get so used to our home towns and the things we see, I found it hard to believe the difference in culture between just being in Sylvan Lake compared to Banff. I was extremely thankful to experience all of this with the friends I made on the trip and all the other students who got to see it as well. When I came home from our first part of the trip, I brought my brother a gift from Ripley’s Aquarium. He got very excited, he was eager to see all my photos and hear the stories. I told him he should go on an exchange trip when he has the opportunity. I also said that when he goes, if he is asked to be in a picture get in it. Reach out to people, try to be engaged in every activity and make the most of your trip! Thank you Experiences Canada for this incredible opportunity; I am so grateful for everything I got to see and learn, and the memories I made.


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