My trip to Sylvan Lake, Alberta really was not one to forget. I met so many new, great people as well as saw so much beauty in nature that I would never be able to see in my hometown province of Ontario. My favourite part of the trip was hands down going to Banff and seeing the mountains so up close, especially Lake Minnewanka’s. This day was followed closely by going to a Calgary Flames game. The atmosphere in that arena was something to remember, and we scored an upgrade to better seats to make the night even better. I was really surprised at how easy it was to settle into my twin’s home, it almost felt like the real thing back home. It’s such an interesting experience living with “a stranger” for a week, even though they quickly turn into a friend. I would totally recommend going on an exchange to anyone who loves trying new things and is interested in seeing the beauty of their own country, and how it varies so much province to province.


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