Experiences Canada is excited to connect with past participants – whether you traveled weeks, months, or years ago. You play a vital role in ensuring that more youth have the same opportunity to learn and see their country.


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What alumni opportunities are available?

We are very keen to stay in touch with our past participants! If you haven’t already done so, sign up for our Experiences Canada alumni Instagram page, or our Canada 150&Me Facebook page. Each year we also invite alumni to apply for one of 12 positions on our national youth advisory committee, and we are always looking for alumni to help support the program by volunteering to visit with schools and groups in your community who may be travelling on exchange for the first time, or assisting us at local teachers conferences and presentations. From time to time, we also offer opportunities for alumni to represent Experiences Canada at other national youth conferences and events.

Are there opportunities for individual exchanges and travel experiences?

Our regular program is a group exchange. Occasionally, Experiences Canada organizes youth forums that are open for individual youth to apply. If you would like to be put on our youth mailing list to be notified of future opportunities please register here.

What if I have other questions?

Experiences Canada staff are available Monday through Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm (Eastern Standard Time) to answer any and all of your questions.


Not only did I improve my French immensely, I also learned about Quebec, and country living. I learned more in 2 weeks living with my Quebec family than I did in all the years of French class leading up to that. — Sandra Brown, participant
Experiences Canada is an amazing program for all 12-18 year olds. All of these trips/forums showed me a Canada that I had never seen before. What’s more, the strong friendships that are made are incredible! I will remember all of these activities for the rest of my life! — Participant
Taking part in this exchange was a huge honour. During this fantastic trip, I made a lot of great friends and I learned a lot about our culture and what it means to be Canadian. — Ethan Katz, Youth Ambassador
What we really enjoyed about the trip was learning about our different cultures, seeing new landscapes and learning about our own city. In short, it was a very rewarding trip! — Marie-Ève Dion, participant
It was so much fun, and I met so many new people and had probably the most fun of my whole entire life. — Emily Terry, participant
I took a lot from this trip, the places I’d seen and the people I met all changed me in their own little way. Now I try and savour the moments that only come around once in a lifetime! — Courtney Adams, participant
On my exchange, I became friends with people who spoke a totally different language, living at the other side of Canada. We became very close friends and I realized that the only thing blocking myself off from other people were not “cultural differences” or "language barriers"... it was myself! After my exchange, I took the extra leap to run for student... — Lauren Lee of Vancouver BC
There is no better way to see the diversity in Canada than to go to a new community, with a different culture and completely immerse yourself into the culture and the community. With my exchange, I realized that life doesn’t always have to be busy, like it is in Edmonton, my home-town. Now I have an interest in experiencing new cultures - not as a tourist... — Samuel Geisterfer of Edmonton AB
It may sound strange, but, I didn’t expect I’d really have to use English to communicate on my exchange. What a shock when I got to Redcliff, and was left alone with my Alberta parents who didn’t know a single word of French! I felt really lost… But with a full range of gestures, facial expressions and sounds, and lots of laughter and patience, we... — Léola Muntu-Caron of La Pocatière QC
On my exchange, I experienced many new things which include...plane ride, public transport, NHL game, walking in a cave (spelunking) Hard Rock Cafe, first night in jail (we can explain!), first time to parliament, first time skiing on a real mountain, skating on the canal. Experiences Canada helped me experience Canada for the first time, and now I’m... — Myles Gallant of Cavendish PEI
I was lucky to go on an exchange to Nunavut, and it was so exciting to learn about a different culture that is literally in my own back yard, but is yet so far away. The North is such rich part of Canada's geography and heritage, and I had not learned much about it until this exchange opportunity came along. I felt it was important to learn the about the... — Andrew Grose of Alma Ontario