Every second year, Canadian Parents for French organizes an exchange with another community through Experiences Canada. I love learning new things about our country, improving my French, and meeting new people. That is why I wanted to go on this exchange. The exchange that I participated in exceeded my expectations. It was so much fun, and the people were great.

The group of kids that were on the exchange this year were from grade 7 and 8, and they were all very nice. The nineteen of us live in the towns of Canmore and Banff. The town of Canmore has a population of about 13,000 people and Banff has about 8,000. They are both extremely beautiful communities. The community that we visited, Saint Augustin de Desmaures, was bigger and closer to a major city. These communities are similar as they both are wonderful places with great people. Something I didn’t expect was how spectacular the Hotel Frontenac was. It was bigger and more magnificent then I had expected.

My exchange partner, Claudia, and the other kids we met were amazing and I really want to see them again. I hope to go visit them next spring break. My twin was a little quiet, but so nice and super cool. It was great having her at our house. My twin’s family was one of the kindest families ever. Her mom cried when I left, and I almost cried too. I would 100% recommend this experience to someone else. My mom is already planning to do the exchange with the same organizers from Saint Augustin de Desmaures when my sister is in grade 8, because we had such a great time with them.

I don’t think that the exchange could have been any better. Everybody loved everybody, and we had a blast. My exchange partner was such a kind and wonderful person to be around. Everyone even said we kind of look alike. It was one of the most fun things that I’ve ever been part of and would recommend it to anyone.

By Jay Porter
I was born in Banff, Alberta in 2006. I have a little sister named Iris that is 9 years old. When at my house, my favorite things to do are read and hangout with my family. My favorite sport is mountain biking, which I do a lot.


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