On this wonderful journey we did a LOT of activities, every day was very busy, but if I had to pick, there are a few experiences that stand out to me as trip highlights. Number one would have to be the backcountry skiing into Lake Louise, followed by drinking hot chocolate in the impressive and historic Chateau Lake Louise. It was particularly special to be at the Chateau because my grandfather worked there when he was a teenager. That was an amazing experience – to have a wonderful backcountry ski in the wild on a beautiful snowy day, followed by warm hot chocolate in the lap of luxury.

The day after we skied we took a bus into Banff and we got a tour of the Banff Springs Hotel. Exploring the oldest hotel in Canada was really interesting and fun. It was really fun to also have the free time and independence to do what we wanted to do in Banff. Everyone loved that, even if it was just for shopping.

Finally – I would have to say, another memorable experience was having the chance to snowshoe up to Chester Lake, outside of Canmore, was beautiful. Even though some people, as cross-country skiers, were not keen on snowshoeing, I think we all had a blast running down the mountain through the deep snow.

I think it can be said we were all amazed by how massive and imposing the mountains are in Alberta. People who only have experienced life in Eastern Canada don’t realize how magnificent the mountains are in the West. We will never forget this wonderful experience visiting Canmore.

By Benjamin Silcoff
Benjamin was born in Montreal and moved to Gatineau Hills when he was three years old. He joined Chelsea Nordiq XC ski club that year and has been skiing ever since! Other sports he likes include baseball, sailing and downhill skiing in the winter. He is a Grade 7 student at Hadley School.


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