1. Submit application 4-6 months before you want to travel or host
  2. Ensure you have School Board or Association Approval
  3. Be aware of your learning theme and group size as this will help when filling out the application
  4. Once submitted you will be asked to submit two agreements and one membership fee

  1. Program Coordinators search for a twin based on your demographics and learning objectives
  2. A Notice of Twinning will be sent by email to let you know that a match has been found
  3. You now have 2 weeks to notify Experiences Canada if you accept or decline the exchange
  4. In these two weeks, you will contact your proposed twin to discuss group, learning objectives, budget, travel and hosting dates

  1. Once you accept the notice of twinning we will confirm your exchange and we begin to work together on paperwork and timelines
  2. If you do not accept, your group returns to the pool of eligible groups
  3. Once you receive your confirmation email you have 2 weeks to submit Registration Fees, group travel dates, and Video Tutorial Certificate


1st paperwork submission

Once you receive a confirmation of twinning email, you now have two weeks to submit the following:

  1. Registration fees
  2. Group Travel Dates
  3. Video Tutorial Certificate
2nd paperwork submission

Due 4 weeks after registration fees

  1. Waiver and Consent for all participants
  2. Host Family Application Forms
  3. Reference Checks
  4. Police and Vulnerable Sector Checks
  5. Submit all Names online

  1. Create volunteer groups to help with activities
  2. Communicate with your twin to determine expectations
  3. Fundraise to help cover cost during host week
  4. Twin youth early so they can connect prior to the exchange
  5. Hold several parent information sessions to keep everyone in group informed
  6. Always contact your program coordinator for questions as they will work with you for the duration of your exchange

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